Andrew Saunders Photography

Wedding Photographer
About Andrew Saunders Photography
Documentary style wedding photographer, based in beautiful Somerset, covering the whole of the UK.

I photograph the story of your big day like a documentary, seeing events as they unfold. Capturing your personality, the love and the laughter.

I'm based in beautiful Somerset. My aim is to capture the story of your big day, and lure the romance, joy and laughter forever into your photographs.

Hi, I'm Andrew and I live in a small West Country village with my Wife, two children, Harry the dog and a crossed eyed cat.

The power to secure an event in time, to trap an emotion and revisit it, is what drives me in photography. I love capturing real moments made on these very special days, and feel incredibly privileged to be a part of it.

I am a serial creative and put passion into everything I do. I strive to deliver the type of quality and timeless photos you'll be proud of. Along with photography I have long been a designer, and so I am very well equipped to design your elegant photo album. Although I like to call them books, as it is your story after all.

Each couple is different, yet I still find I end up immersing myself in each and every story. Entrapping myself in the emotion, humour and interaction of your special day.
Andrew Saunders Photography , Ilminster TA19, TA19