Basking in Ambiance

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About Basking in Ambiance
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The Basking In Ambiance package
{created by Suki}

Whats included -

1] Suki sings at the wedding

(For this you may pick several songs and also soft music whatever makes your day special)

2] Provides stunning effects

[Mystical water effect lighting,haunting smoke ,bubbles,lasers ,snow effects ,star lighting and even black lights so you can also hold a glow in the dark party ! Suki can also provide glow makeup and stock should you wish to add this to your after party ]

3] Sparkling cabaret complete with glamorous red carpet style costumes .

(You even get to pick what style of show you like and add requests ! Get Diva clicking its time to sing along with Suki ! )

4] Disco

(4 hours of disco its your time to shine!!! )

-5] Gift/keepsake

(Free recorded CD for the bride and groom/10 of their most cherished songs gift wrapped in crystal covered pouch.)

[You can also purchase a box of keepsake CDs for your loved ones]

Suki arrives and sets up early in the morning and finishes at midnight so your entire day is filled with music and sparkling light and effects to keep the atmosphere magical throughout.

Suki adds her personal touch to every moment of your day. Even playing twinkly , movie style music as the bride and bridesmaids prepare. (Because every bride deserves to feel like a movie star) Playful jazz as guests collect their champagne and even Disney tunes to keep the children entertained.

Suki provides a spa like experience for the eyes and ears hence the package name .Book Suki for your wedding and you certainly will be Basking in Ambiance.