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Holly - Carla Gilder's Brides 2016 (Bride)

It was about a year before my wedding and I decided I wanted to start going to a zumba class so I did a google search in Macclesfield and Carla Gilder fitness came up, Im quite a shy person so going to a class on my own was a big thing but soon as I arrived everyone made me feel welcome and at ease. I enjoyed it that much I decided to do a month trial and then after that I joined properly and went to all sorts of classes from zumba tone to boxercise I loved them all but I was still struggling to lose weight so I decided to try personal training with Carla, she set me goals for certain milestones up to my wedding day and she pushed me to reach them and also gave me advice on diet control and which classes I needed to attend to tone up or when I needed to do some cardio, during our personal training sessions and in some classes Carla would just say inspirational quotes like "come on Holly think of that dress or sweating for the wedding" which was a massive boast just when I needed it. Everyone at class was so supportive and excited about the wedding and always saying how well I was doing and how good I'll look on my special day which was a huge motivator. When the day finally arrived i felt like a million dollars in my dress and its all thanks to the CGF teachers and members, I couldn't have done it without you, thank you.

Mary - Carla Gilders Brides 2016 (Bride)

I have been a member of CGF for three years and to be honest I have become a bit of a fitness fanatic! Prior to joining CGF I was a member of a local gym and never really felt my fitness was improving.

February 2014 my partner proposed to me in the Maldives and I started to think about “the dress”. The date was set for our wedding September 19th 2015.

I had retired from my job as a cabin Crew Instructor for an airline and was able to attend classes on a daily basis.

The CGF on line booking system is so valuable because you have a choice of up to 6 classes per day, both morning and evenings.

I really enjoy the variety of classes, the instructors are passionate about the members and give you confidence, self-belief and push you that little bit extra when needed. The members are also amazing and we feel a big part of the CGF family. We’re also quite good at arranging social events!

I was able to achieve my aim, which was to tone up and look slender in my wedding gown. I also lost weight and dropped a dress size. My fitness level has dramatically increased, and I am amazed now at what I can lift, push or press.

Carla and her team ensure our classes are always brilliantly planned, with new routines to constantly keep the interest up, there is always an element of fun, enjoyment being so important to keep me motivated.

CGF has so much to offer and it really is what is says on the tin ‘real fitness for real people’.

A huge thank you for your support, motivation and inspiration. I can honestly say that on my wedding day I felt in the best shape of my life and as a result felt a million dollars in my dress which, by the way, resulted in me becoming bride of the week for Jenny Packham.

Charlotte - Carla Gilders Brides 2016 (Bride)

I have been attending CGF classes for nearly three years now and have always enjoyed the classes. In April 2015 I became a fiancée and by June 2015 we had already booked the wedding for the following July. All set on my mission to squeeze into a tiny wedding dress I bought my wedding dress in August 2015 with 'thinspiration' in mind. However, September 2015 we were over the moon to find out we were expecting our first child.... due 8 weeks Before the wedding. I made a commitment to myself that I would fit in my wedding dress and I would do it in a way that wouldn't put the baby at risk. Healthy eating and low impact exercise got me through the 9 months of pregnancy. The instructors at CGF were really fantastic with me. Not only were they really supportive but they also tailored many of the exercises which allowed me to fully participate in classes... even telling me off when I tried to do burpees at 7 months gone. With their help and support and a lot of determination I managed to sqeeze into my dress with only one pair of Spanx

Jacqui - Carla Gilders Brides 2015 (Mother of the groom)

January 2015, two years ago now, I attended my first class at CGF!

My main goal was to lose weight before my sons wedding in April 2015. That gave me just under 4 months. Initially I only wanted to attend a couple of Zumba class per week to help with my weight loss.

Of course I was feeling anxious and a little vulnerable on my first session. Just going to a new class is stressful in itself but I found the whole experience very pleasant. The members were friendly and the instructors were interested in finding out about me. This put me at my ease and after my first session I was keen for more.

There is a timetable of so many different classes to help you on your weight loss journey. It is important to mix classes eg circuits and toning classes to help you to tone up and change body shape. I'd never done any classes like these before!

To cut a long story short I DID lose weight for my sons wedding, and even more importantly I've continued to maintain the weight loss. I've attended glow parties, fitness festivals and fitness weekends. I would not have done anything like this 2 years ago

I suppose the proof is in the photos. Looking back at the old photos i can see how unhappy I felt. In fact I attended a dinner at Buckingham palace just before Christmas! Something I know I wouldn't have done before I lost the weight.

Quick fix diets don't work! Supervised and safe exercise is the key to long term weight loss and improved health.