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About Cornerstone Kitchen
We are an independent catering company specalising in delivering a high end and bespoke experieince for weddings or other foodie events alike.

It is our aim to source all of our ingredient’s from our wonderful country and where possible using seasonal ingredients, free range produce, organic vegetables and sustainable fish.

As a team we are conscious of the environment and that’s why we only use packaging that is ethylic sourced and biodegradable.

Our dedicated and passionate team can cater to your every need whether its delivering a refined front of house experience or from our Development Chef and his team with a wealth of experience in hotels and fine dining restaurants with plenty experience in catering for numbers from 10 to 300..

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Nigel Cox

Wedding July 2018

When all the decisions had been made we were then left full of expectation (and apprehension) for the main event which was the wedding and the reception being hosted at our cottage.

You were the perfect people to help and advise. You arrived early, helped set up and nothing seemed too much trouble.

At the same time you were organising and assisting in serving drinks outside the church and running back to fetch more prosecco as people enjoyed basking & chatting in the sun outside the church with a drink in their hand.

The garden bar, which you provided friendly staff to operate, was a great success and the canapés were coming thick and fast also served with a smile.
The main course (a choice had been provided , along with a vegetarian option) was absolutely wonderful and guests have since been singing your high praises.

I can’t thank you enough and although I was pre-occupied with pressing flesh, dancing and drinking on the day I could see everyone was enjoying themselves which was important to me but in no small way due to your contribution. You took a big part of the normal ‘hosting hassle’ which allowed us all to relax and enjoy which is exactly what we wanted -some were more relaxed than others!.
It was a great day and one that I will remember for the rest of my life; it was personal to our family and friends, a bit quirky and showed you don’t have to spend an absolute fortune to have a great wedding. I would thoroughly and whole heartedly recommend you to anyone hosting a similar event or even a completely different one – fantastic.

(When I say ‘ I ‘ – I know I speak for Debbie as well - along with the newly weds and probably all of the guests!)

Very best wishes to you and to a successful future
Nigel & Debbi