David Austrem

Wedding Videographer
About David Austrem
DavidAWEddings & DNawe Media are a specialist wedding videography and photography service as well as a leading media production company headquartered in Oxford, Oxfordshire. The business offers exceptional, personalised services and great film productions skills to showcase your big day in the most stunning and unique way possible.

But that's all just superlatives & fancy speak. All you really need to know about my team and I is that we're here to help ensure you retain all the many wedding day memories that otherwise would have been lost in the aggregate of your big, exciting and very important day!

We will highlight the most important moments of yours throughout the day, ensuring footage and memories of everyone lucky enough to be part of your wedding day.

We're also here to help you find the perfect ethos and spirit to endue in your photos and videos. We accomplish this by discussing what your needs are and how best we can make them a reality. This in turn is echoed in our discrete attention to detail, visual palette of colour and light, exuberant flourishes, and stirring soundscapes. Or, you could leave it in our more than capable hands and let us surprise you! Entirely up to you. :)