Emma Burne Photography

Wedding Photographer
About Emma Burne Photography
Hi, my name is Emma Burne and I am a portrait and a wedding photographer.

When it comes to Wedding Photography, I believe that to really capture the story of your big day, I have to make sure I get right into the heart of it. So, I wouldn’t describe my approach as ‘fly on the wall’ or that quiet shadow that moves around the room - even though I have mastered the art of being invisible (not literally) so I can catch those priceless candid moments!

I believe that Wedding Photography is one of the most important forms of story-telling. There are few other occasions in life into which we pour so much love, creativity, joy, hope and celebration. For a Wedding Photographer to be entrusted with capturing that occasion, is such an honour.

So, I want to hear your love story! Share how you met, how he proposed, where you are tying the knot, the date you've locked in, and all your questions! I am here to help with absolutely everything I can. Please get in touch, I am excited to hear from you!!