Emmy's brigadeiro

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About Emmy's brigadeiro
To choose the right desserts for your special day is a big responsibility but we believe that Brigadeiro, Brazils favorite sweet shouldn’t miss from any unique occasion. This elegant, handmade treat will most certainly please children and adults. The ingredients of it are exquisite and irresistible. It is made with Belgian chocolate or quality nuts, it has got a multitude of flavours and combinations. There is no doubt that brigadeiro will be the star of your wedding.

We offer Emmy’s brigadeiros with different forms of presentation, varying in color and also in formats. Your guests will be amazed from the beauty and the taste what these special little delicacies can offer.

Emmy’s brigadeiro can also be an option for wedding favor. The packaging can be custom made depending on your chosen color and theme! One thing is certain: this luxury treat will be an unforgettable element of your party!

Impress your guests with this unique, beautiful, and delicious Brazilian treat.

After all Emmy’s brigadeiro is the ingredient of love.


Palma Nemeti - bride

I've chosen Emmy's brigadeiro to offer something delicious and unique to my guests. I've tried brigadeiro before and I fall in love with it. Brigadeiro is a Brazilian sweets but my guests were not. I was very curious to see their reaction. Most of them never saw or tasted brigadeiro before but I can honestly say that people were truly amazed. It was so delicious that no one could stop after one. Everyone was talking about how special this sweet is.
I was very pleased because it looked fabulous too. When I entered, I was amazed how beautiful the dessert table looked with all these colorful chocolate truffles. Emmy's brigadeiro did a fantastic job!
I can highly recommend it to any bride and groom who would like to wow their guests, loves chocolate and unique flavours.

Palma Nemeti