Gorgeous and Glamorous Magnetic Lashes

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About Gorgeous and Glamorous Magnetic Lashes
Our lashes are ultra-classy and luxurious, perfect for everyday . Who says you can't have it all? Classy enough for work and elegant enough for a cocktail hour afterward!
What you get...
* 1 Magnetude Magnetic Mascara or Magnetude Magnetic Eyeliner
* 1 pair of Magnetic Lashes, 10 magnets, 5mm - 11.5mm lash length, trimmable
* 8 bonus Anchor Magnets

With each purchase of our Magnetude Gold Magnetic Eyeliner, we are including our new Soft Touch Applicator free of charge. This high-precision flexible silicone-like applicator makes getting that smooth and timeless liner look seamless and easy.
1. Apply one coat of magnetic eyeliner.
2. Allow to dry for two minutes.
3. Apply a second coat.
4. Allow eyeliner to dry completely.
5. Starting from the inner corner of the eyelid, apply magnetic eyelashes.
6. When happy with placement, lightly press lashes to set.