James Toffolo - JTFilm

Wedding Videographer
About James Toffolo - JTFilm
When I'm filming I try to melt into the background and catch moments as they happen! This way I am able to capture really natural looking footage. You will rarely see me asking for any acting up for the camera! My camera of choice (at the moment) is a Sony as7ii which is a DSLR. I'm not sure how savvy you are with cameras, but that means its a small camera. Its NOT a giant film camera that's going to intimidate anyone I point it at! ha Most people think I'm taking their picture :)

As for pricing there is no definite figure as most couples like different things. But I can give you a rough guideline of the types of videos I can offer and their estimated prices. And of course if you would like a bundle there are great discounts available.
The Penthouse, Queens Quay, 3 Victoria Parade, Torquay, Devon, TQ1 2BB.