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About L'Arte della Pizza
100% fresh and delicious Wood Fired Pizzas.
Experience the difference with your friends and family.
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L’Arte della Pizza has the pleasure to present to you the authentic taste of Italy’s wood-fired pizza.
Of course, we use the freshest ingredients and homemade Italian recipes but it's our wood fire oven that makes our customers go WOW. The smoky flavor, crunchy toppings, and fluffy crust of wood fire oven pizza most certainly dominate all other types of pizzas. And, there’s no doubt that our wood fire oven is responsible.
There are many benefits of pizza made in a brick oven which cannot be duplicated in a conventional oven. Faster cooking time, better crust, unique flavor, and crispier toppings are some of the benefits that you will get from pizza baked in a wood fire oven.
L'Arte della Pizza, Market Pl, LE11 3EA