Moment Makers Photography

Wedding Photographer
About Moment Makers Photography
We are sisters who have grown up together embracing different cultures and traditions and through life experiences have developed a passion for photography. Since having children of our own, we came to know the importance of capturing significant life events, like marriages, having a baby and growing a family.

We are thrilled to have a job that allows us to explore our creativity and originality. Each shoot is attended by both of us, ensuring those unexpected moments are captured. We come away from each shoot with great honor in witnessing the love, emotion and growing relationships of our clients.

We at Moment Makers are grateful everyday for having such a fulfilling job documenting invaluable, precious moments. Whatever your occasion, our priority is that you are comfortable and relaxed on the day. Whilst we want you to enjoy your time with us, our aspiration is to give our clients moments that they can relive and treasure for years to come.