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About Stephanie Heather
I successfully lost over 4 stone using this diet plan and now I help others have the same successes!

Weight loss is a personal journey and that's why I motivate, support and encourage you every step of the way.

The diet itself is often recommended by the NHS as a weight loss program that not only works but helps and assists those in need to lose weight prior to an operation. We have several steps in the plan which we tailor to their needs and provide one to one support. There is no joining fee, no subscription and no group weigh-ins. I’m willing to provide free 30 minute virtual consultations to those in need as well as a free BMI check.
30 Valley Road, Southampton, SO40 9FN


Gave 1:1 a shot in January for some rapid weight loss, iv done exactly as I’m told kept to plan lost over 2stone with ease. Highly recommended the diet plan and Steph’s guidance and support.


Having just recently started my weight loss journey I’m so happy with the help, support and motivation I’m receiving on a daily basis from Steph.
We have a group chat and it really helps to know I’m not on my own, it’s keeping me focused and on track.
There are loads of different products to choose from, so I’m not getting bored of having the same things every day - also Steph is offering a delivery service and is adhering to Covid rules so the whole process is really simple and safe too!
Week one and I’m already 3lbs down and 2” off my waist!!


was recommended Cambridge Weight Plan by a friend. I looked through the website and thought this may suit me very well. I'm 64 years old and had to do something. I felt this could really turn my life around if l could stick with it . I have had such a tremendous support. She will not hesitate to give you her time and also through calls and emails. To be honest it is down to her that I have my life back and am thrilled.