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About Virtual Wedding Films
At Virtual Weddings, we are literally adding another dimension to weddings, a new way to record and re-experience your day.
Having been a photographer for over 20 years I understand the importance of sharing your special day visually. In this day and age we want to share our day in the most visually compelling and exciting way possible! Imagine being able to re-live your wedding day in full 360°, focusing on either the love in the eyes of the couple or the smiles on the faces of your closest friends and family. We can capture as much or as little as you want. Just the ceremony? Fine. Getting ready too? Perfect. After-party? We have you covered.

We will record your day using a professional multi-camera set-up and give you the ability to be a guest at your own wedding using virtual reality headsets to relive your day for decades to come. This allows you to have your future children or Aunty May stood next to you as you say your vows and they will be able to look around your venue and your guests in real-time. This is way more than a virtual wedding, it’s a virtual reality experience of your own special day accessible to you at any time you would like.

Bring your wedding into the 21st century with our impressive selection of 360° cameras, high-quality footage and even the ability to live -stream the ceremony (Find out more about our live-streaming service). We provide all of our customers with a Virtual Reality headset that will allow them to experience their VR wedding video in the most immersive possible way.

Imagine a future where your future children could stand next to you on your wedding day….

That future is here, now, with Virtual Weddings. Book your consultation today.
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