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12th April 2015
Unique Venues Birmingham (UVB) Centenary Square, Broad Street, Birmingham, B1 2EP
About Unique Venues Birmingham (UVB)
The venue you choose for your event is as important as wearing the right pair of shoes - despite all of the time and effort spent on selecting the perfect outfit for a special occasion, all people will remember is the battered old boots you wore.
Our venues complement your personality and give your event the profile it deserves, lifting it from ordinary to extraordinary!
We offer a wide variety of spaces to choose from that are as individual as you are. The UVB portfolio includes auditoria presenting huge dramatic and creative possibilities, a spectacular five-storeys high rotunda, and a beautiful roof terrace with panoramic views across the city.
For slightly more traditional requirements, we present an array of suites and rooms complete with all of the audio-visual technology you could ask for but set within architecturally splendid buildings with impressive views.

Make the decision to transform your future events from mundane to magnificent – choose Unique Venues Birmingham
Centenary Square, Broad Street, Birmingham, West Midlands, B1 2EP.