Town and Country Collective

Wedding Venue
About Town and Country Collective
Each of our hotels was hand picked for its individual character, charm and atmosphere. No matter which hotel you feel drawn to visit, you are sure to experience stunning traditional architecture, divine menus, perfectly peaceful surroundings, and a lasting sense of relaxation to take home at the end of your stay.

The perfect balance of town & country, each of our special locations has one foot in the Vale’s wild grasses, and another on the city asphalt – making them the perfect getaway for overworked urbanites.

The unique qualities of each of our hotels also makes them the perfect backdrop to all of life’s sweetest celebrations, whether its a wedding, birthday party, tea party or farewell, our awe-inspiring surroundings create moments to remember.

Our guests are at the heart of our collection, and we take pride in the outstanding level of service & attention to detail for which Town & Country is renowned. Our wonderful guests return time and time again, to revisit the unique experience our collection has to offer. We can’t wait to welcome you…
Town and Country Collective, The Bear Hotel, 63 High Street, Cowbridge, CF71 7AF