Wedding Beauty, Hair and Make Up
About Mindy
Haircare, Bodycare, & Skincare that makes all the difference!
Recommended for:
+Hair growth, Hair loss, Alopaecia
+Damaged, Over processed, Fine and Thinning hair.
+Suitable for all hair types
Both men & Women
Smooth Me Baby
Anti cellulite & Stretch mark body oil
A fine blend of skin loving intense conditioning oils for the body.
+Anti Cellulite
+Anti StretchMark
Smoothes away marks & banishes cellulite with regularly use.
24K Flawless Gold skincare
Not just pretty amazing to look at, but pretty amazing benefits of this wonderful 24kGold skin beautifying oil
+Anti ageing, Anti blemish, Anti fatigue
+Fine lines, Uneven skin tone, Scars, Dull, dehydrated skin
Available as a unique luxury gift set, complete
With a gold bar case.