Wedding Photographer
About RenataRPphotography
I am a professional photographer based in Berkshire, focusing on wedding and engagement photographs.No matter where you are, I’ll be there for you to freeze all those special moments in time.

With so many thing to pay attention to at a wedding, there is really one thing that a photographer really needs to focus on, and that’s the people. Whether it’s the newlyweds toasting or enjoying an intimate moment, or all the guests, overwhelmed with feelings of happiness, joy, with a tear shed here and there, there are tons of moments that truly need to be captured on film in order to be preserved for yearsNo two weddings are the same. From the very start of whatever ceremony you have planned to the final dances of the reception, you can count on a great variety of pictures that really capture the essence of the evening. You’ll get a fantastic, recreation of this uniquely magical night, so that you can come back to it at any moment. This is what wedding photography is all about – making sure that all these magical moments are preserved for years to come.
In order to be fully prepared to meet the diverse needs of my clients, I’ve prepared three distinct price packages. Thanks to this distinction, you can be aware of the prices upfront, as well as make pick an option that is optimal for your budget and required coverage. Once you contact me, we can discuss these prices in more detail for a more individualised wedding package.
Weddings are unique stories that are just waiting to be told. Make sure yours is told well with a professional photographer.