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Getting married? Crumbling under all the stress? Too much to organise? Being a bridezilla? Fear of walking down the aisle? Are you the best man or the groom or father of the bride worried about making your speech? Are you mother of the bride, a bridesmaid or someone else involved in supporting the wedding party but being caught up in their stress? Need to lose weight? Want to stop smoking? Fear of flying affecting your honeymoon destination?
I offer hypnotherapy and deep relaxation sessions to enable you to reduce your anxiety, lose weight, stop smoking, get you to sleep better and to cope better with any situation or remove that phobia. Two or three session before the wedding helps enormously. I can come to your wedding venue on the day and do a group relaxation session for the bride and bridesmaids and anyone else, or to the groom and groomsmen, so that you all embrace the day and you are able to walk down the aisle with poise, confidence, enjoyment and create happy memories.


I have always been a shy person and the thought of walking down the aisle and everyone looking at me terrified me. I was dreading it and would burst into tears even thinking about it. A friend suggested that I have hypnotherapy to settle my nerves and reduce my anxiety about the day. Wow! I only saw Julia three times, and I was a changed person. I felt relaxed, happy and confident and had a wonderful day. I can't thank her enough. Getting married is stressful enough, I thought it would be really expensive, but I was so surprised. Everyone should try it.


I was best man to my oldest friend. I was scared to death and so nervous about my speech and standing up to toast the happy couple. I had 2 sessions of hypnotherapy and my confidence soared. I had a great day and so enjoyed being the best man. Totally recommend this to everyone who is nervous.


My daughter was getting married and the stress of everything was getting to me. The arrangements, the organising, coping with my daughters stress and everything was getting too much. My friend suggested I see Julia and I am so glad she did. After 1 session of relaxation I felt so much better. I had a total of 3 sessions before the wedding and 1 de- stress after and I felt wonderful.


I was 'father of the bride' and had to make a speech at my daughters wedding. I am the sort of bloke who doesn't say much but am very emotional and I knew I would never make it through a speech when 'my little girl' had just got married! I had 2 confidence boosting/public speaking sessions and managed to stand up tall and deliver my speech without a problem. What a great person Julia is. She is so welcoming and professional. 100% recommend this to everyone.


I organised for myself -The bride- my groom, the best man, my dad -father of the bride, and my mum - mother of the bride to all have hypnotherapy for anxiety and stress about our wedding. My dad and my husband and his best man all had speeches to do and they were all nervous and anxious about doing them. My stress level were through the roof, and my poor mum was also trying to cope with all of us and her own feelings too. We all discussed it and agreed to 'go for it'. It made such a huge difference to our day. No one was nervous, no mishaps, no mistakes in church saying the vows, and I walked down the aisle really happy and beaming. This was the best idea ever and made our day really relaxed. It was worth every penny and I would do it again anytime I have any other stressful situations to deal with.